Divine transmission from your spiritual master


No work of a spiritualist is complete without the influence of a spirit guide for which I have to thank my guardian angels, my extensive healing team and ancestors. 

Spirit guides have been assisting in spiritual healing, energy healing, chakra balancing,  and alchemy Healing process for generations.
The purpose of my work is to further our knowledge. In the course of remembering we are not limited to what is in our own heads Part of the work of a spiritual healer is to reawaken one's self to those possibilities. The other part is to actually transform our selves to higher levels of awareness.

Here at the benicia spiritual Center we are the most honest professional and caring spiritualist in this field we are a highly respected team dedicated to creating a positive energy in your life.

Spiritual wellness center is determined to unlock and repair the windows of the human soul Only skilled and developed spiritual Warriors and healers can assist you with your spiritual healing Journey. Not only have we studied the gift of spiritual healing through books and schooling the spiritualists at the healing Center have received their spiritual gifts from generations past

Here is a short list of areas that we studied and mastered


Energy awakening,

Energy healing,

chakra healing,



Feng shui ,

the law of attraction,

understaning the barrier between men and women,



Breaking the bonds of an abusive relationship,

and cultures
It is my intention to use my website to convey as much as I can about spiritual healing, energy, chakras, witchcraft, alchemy, Spirit guides,
And I hope you will discover that healing is a Activity as a natural result of expanding your consciousness to a much Boulder experience of reality.